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Yearbook Needs Your Help!

Hello Happy Valley Parents, Teachers and Staff!

It’s time to put the yearbook together, and that means we need lots of PICTURES!

We need pictures of events, activities, extra-cirriculars, classroom, playground...all aspects of Happy Valley culture.

Sharing is EASY! Share directly to:

A brief explanation or captions are very much appreciated. Information about what the activity or event pictured is very helpful, as well as names and what class is being pictured. I know you are all busy so if you only have time to upload photos and not to caption them, I completely understand and appreciate the contribution!

You can choose to email pictures as attachments, which works great! Or, if you have a bunch and you want to share them quickly, you can select them and hit the share button in Google Photos, and then type in the email address It’s so fast and easy!

Please, don’t delay! Yearbook is complete by Spring, and there are deadlines along the way.

Thank you, I appreciate your help!

Samantha Roeder

H.V. 2017/18 Yearbook Volunteer Coordinator

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