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HV PTA Reimbursement instructions 

To simplify the reimbursement process this year we are moving to a simple email + receipt system. Please follow these instructions:

  • Email with "REIMBURSEMENT (date)" in the subject line

  • Include full name, phone number and position, (if applicable)

  • If the description is apparent on the receipt write the Store name and amount.  please include the event (if applicable), the committee (if applicable), and any details that will assist in itemization.

  • Include how you would like to be reimbursed (Venmo, Paypal, or check) 

  • If VENMO or Paypal please include the account information

  • Attach a photo of the receipt. YOU CANNOT BE REIMBURSED WITHOUT A RECEIPT!

If you are unable to electronically request reimbursement please print and fill out the reimbursement form and submit it with the receipt to the Happy Valley PTA inbox located in the front office at HV elementary school!

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