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Shop with SCRIP to Help Support Happy Valley Elementary!

Have you signed up for our new SCRIP Program? It's a great way to help support Happy Valley PTA Events & Programs!

Gift Cards The same gift cards you see in stores that you normally purchase to give to others. You can use them on your own spending!

Easy Earning Each gift card has a rebate percentage that goes directly to Happy Valley PTA upon purchase.


We are working to add local businesses to our SCRIP options!

The PrestoPay option makes it super easy to pay funds directly, rather than having to write a check to the PTA!!

Sign up to support Happy Valley PTA with AmazonSmile and purchase an Amazon Gift Card through SCRIP to use for personal shopping for a double donation to support Happy Valley Elementary!!!

Find out more & register today!

Visit our SCRIP FUNDRAISING page to get started!

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