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What is the curriculum about and who is it for? 

  • Since Time Immemorial is about tribal sovereignty and it is for all students PreK-12.


Why do we teach tribal sovereignty curriculum PreK-12?

  • We teach it because it is important learning for all our students and it is state mandated. In 2015, the state legislature passed RCW 28A.320.170, which mandates the teaching of tribal sovereignty curriculum. The law also requires districts to consult and collaborate with local tribes to ensure local history and tribes are represented in the curriculum.


What are the lessons like?

  • We use the units and lessons provided through the Office of Native Education and OSPI and adapt them to reflect our local tribal history. We are honored to have guest educators from Lummi Nation and Nooksack Tribe teach lessons in our classrooms and we use many materials created by Children of the Setting Sun Productions. Students learn about Coast Salish tribes and cultures (including arts and Indigenous ways of knowing), the history of Indigenous peoples since time immemorial through today, the history of treaties and broken treaty promises, and the resilience of our Indigenous communities. Students learn about the importance of our shared lands and waterways, the ways these resources have been shaped and challenged, and how we can work together with our Indigenous partners to shape a better tomorrow.


How can I learn more about this curriculum? 


How can I learn more about tribal sovereignty?

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