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4th Grade Student Field Trip

Happy Valley PTA Fundraiser

Donations can be made via check or Paypal.  

Checks can be made payable to Happy Valley PTA & sent in to the Main Office at school.  Please be sure to write "Salish Sea Experience" in the check's note section to be sure funds are credited properly.  

Fundraising Goal:  $1500

Any Donation Amount is Accepted & Appreciated!

Online Donations

The Salish Sea Experience: Making the Environment Real

The Salish Sea Experience bring learning to life by connecting classroom lessons to the local environment in a tangible and authentic way.

Happy Valley 4th Grade Students: Field Trip to San Juan Island

Students travel to San Juan Island where they observe and interact with many types of local marine life in their natural habitats.  Scientists share what they've learned and teach them skills creating a pathway to understand how human actions impact the quality of life in and around the Salish Sea.  Students come away empowered with the importance of simple things they can do that make a difference such as limiting use of plastic bottles, picking up trash, recycling and keeping chemicals and oil from going down the storm drains.  These seeds of awareness and action are the starting point to protect the creatures and habitats that are vital the health of our environment and community.  With continued nurturing, these seeds have the potential to blossom into the next generation of thoughtful stewards of our local environment and beyond - an essential component for all of us to thrive.

Help Make The Next Generation of Environmental Stewards!

While The Salish Sea Experience has provided a valuable and memorable experience for district 4th graders in past years, community support is needed for it to continue at all schools.

Grant funding for this unique field will not fully cover the cost for Spring 2020, and Happy Valley PTA has contributed what we can. An additional $1500 is needed to cover the remaining expenses.  Please consider contributing funds so that Happy Valley 4th graders are able to participate.


Please Consider Contributing Funds so that Happy Valley 4th Graders are Able to participate. 

All funds collected will be put toward the Salish Sea Experience Field Trip for Happy Valley 4th graders in the Spring of 2020 with any surplus funds earmarked for next year's trip.  Thank you for supporting student learning, community building, and adventure at Happy Valley!


Science Fair 

Bake & Craft Sale

Fourth grade students are invited to participate in a Bake & Craft Sale at the Science Fair on March 19th!   This opportunity gives students a tangible and meaningful way to help raise the funds needed for their class trip.  Please consider participating!!  

Questions?  Contact Jeralyn Heil: 

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