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School-Based Food Education gives students the opportunity to learn about and fall in love with life-long healthy food choices from an early age at school. Common Threads provides coordinated leadership and support for school-based food education through our trained Food Educators. 

Our aim is to:

  • Raise kids who delight in knowing how to raise, prepare and eat healthy food

  • Support learning across the curriculum (our lessons are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards)

  • Improve the role that healthy food plays in school culture

  • Help kids and their families get excited about preparing and eating healthy foods together


There are three key ways that we do this: 

  1. Gardening during the school day – Food Educators lead lessons in school gardens during Fall & Spring. Students participate in caring for food-producing gardens as well as learning about various subjects through garden-based learning (e.g. math, science, reading, etc.). 

  2. Cooking in the classroom -Food Educators cook/prepare simple vegetable-based recipes and discuss basic nutrition concepts. Students prepare recipes in small groups, building their ability to work in a team.

  3. After school programs – Gardening, cooking, or a combination of these activities.

In addition, Food Educators connect with other initiatives such as Harvest of the Month and school-based family nights.


Questions or Want to Volunteer?



Diego Moreira, Americorps Food Education Volunteer for Happy Valley!

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